Thursday, March 13, 2003

From: Dessima Williams
Subject: Happy March 13th!

Dear sisters, brothers, friends,

Happy March 13th! It is 24 years since the start of Grenada's people's power democracy-- so full of promise.

No matter how many years of state silence pass, let us never forget this day that ushered in a qualitative transformation for the better in the life of Grenada: unprecedented social development that included equal pay for equal work for women and men and a Women's Desk, real revolutionary advancements in the 1970's. I remember as if it were yesterday -- all the exuberance and commitment of the entire country; I remember the hope of tens of thousands. I remeber the leadership of Maurice Bishop, Unison Whiteman and all of NJM.

That the People's Revolution was compromised, blooded and destroyed serve to remind us how important it is to cherish that which is so very valuable --the right of people to own their fate and the responsibility to work for peace with, those close to us and those far away.

Asking you to remember and to continue to work for people's rights and justice with peace in Grenada and in the world. Forward ever!

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