Friday, February 14, 2003

Farewell Angelina

Farewell Angelina
The bells of the crown
Are being stolen by bandits
I must follow the sound
The triangle tingles
And the music plays slow
But, farewell Angelina
The night is on fire
And I must go.

There is no use in talking
There's no need for blame
There's nothing to prove
Ev'rything still is the same
The table stands empty
By the edge of the stream
Farewell Angelina
The sky is changing colors
And I must leave.

The jacks and the queens
They forsake the courtyard
Fifty-two gypsies
Now file past the guards
In the space where the deuce
And the ace once ran wild
Farewell Angelina
The sky is folding
I'll see you after a while.

See the cross-eyed pirates sit
Perched in the sun
Shooting tin cans
With a sawed-off shotgun
And the corporals and neighbors clap
And cheer with each blast
Farewell Angelina
The sky it is trembling
And I must leave fast.

King Kong, little elves
On the rooftoops they dance
Valentino-type tangos
While the hero’s clean hands
Shut the eyes of the dead
Not to embarrass anyone
Farewell Angelina
The sky is flooding over
And I must be gone.

The camouflaged parrot
He flutters from fear
When something he doesn’t know about
Suddenly appears
What cannot be imitated perfect
Must die
Farewell Angelina
The sky is flooding over
And I must go where it is dry

Machine guns are roaring
The puppets heave rocks
At misunderstood visions
And at the faces of clocks
Call me any name you like
I will never deny it
But farewell Angelina
The sky is erupting
I must go where it is quiet

--Bob Dylan

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