Tuesday, February 11, 2003

More notes:

Place = specific to it <--> the capacity to hold and situate things; to give them local habituation

Navajo cosmogony lays down piece of emergence --> underworlds that are both located [under the visible world] + locating [of all that is on and in the upper world]. The purpose of this: to establish place right at the beginning when the void gets described. It's a "topocosmic" move.

This "move" checkmates the Void at creation's "beginning" and place becomes central and explicit. It's not inferred.


Topocosmos created from the debris maps of Columbia. Place that wasn't there. Icarus falling off the side of the painting. Auden's poem. WCW's poem. No water but the Gulf of Mexico.

These maps establish themselves as matrices. Thinking game theory here. Zero sum game. Winner will be the institution that absolves itself of fault. Loser gets sued into the void. Matrix creates place -- elemental matter. Hell, Edward S. Casey's The Fate of Place is good reading.

Dhammai (northern India) Creation Myth: Before there was anything, there existed Shuzanghu and his wife, Zumaing-Nui. In time she gave birth to a girl (earth) and a boy (sky). Sky and earth mated and gave birth to the mountains. Then they produced two frogs who married and made the first humans. These humans were covered with thick hair, but when they mated they produced people as they are now.

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