Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Convenient bit of Al Jazeera finding this Osama Bin Laden tape imploring Iraqis to rise up against the United States.

We haven't heard from this guy since when? Since he was in Afghanistan's mountains? We really haven't heard from him since we last saw one of his video tapes early on in the US invasion of Afghanistan. Everything that has been attributed to him and sporadically so has been on audio tape. There can be no proof there.

So, now the White House basically parades this guy out for the world to see? What you want us to believe that?

There's one thing I will say about this guy IF HE'S ALIVE. He's smart. Why would he do something as stupid as this? The US is taking such a hit in the world court of opinions and EVERYBODY has said they still have not been convinced that there are any connections between Iraq and Al Qaida. Why? Why then? Why could Bin Laden do this NOW? He wouldn't. That's why.

Meanwhile, we get these bogus orange alerts and new declarations of heightened security.


And, as you go out into the world today (those of us in the US), Leah says, "Be on Alert, and Go About Your Business Normally."

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