Sunday, February 09, 2003

Months. Months that I've tried to get into Heather Fuller's Dovecote. The book's alienation of the reader has kept me away from it. Last night, I spoke to Gary about the war, the conservative media, the poets' White House protest, India, Flushing's Dhosa Hut, Bollywood, etc., and so, today I returned to Fuller's book because of her social themes.

"Quarter" got through to me, finally..

when the sheriff came round
the back of the broke shovel
fit the knot on every head in town

"Quarter" is a series of five poems, and each poem has drawings of different types of barbed wire at the top of the page. Wire that keeps people out of places hurting them when making unwelcomed attempts to illegally enter. Barbed wire lines country roads

Crandals Champeen
is a type of barbed wire and
I am eat up with bloodshed
of country road entanglements
on the wine train of brothers

I don't know him, but can I get an applause for Rod Smith? Is he a good publisher/editor or whah? Edge Books: handsome books, high quality contemporary poetry.

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